Hope Again Wellness Centre 

They are a substance abuse and alcohol dependency rehabilitation centre. They are a christian based centre who lead people to the kingdom of God. They believe in a culture of transformation. 

  1. Why is HARC the perfect destination for so many clients?

“Culture of transformation”

We don’t only offer a plan, purpose and a vision but a culture to transform yourself and to find the new you through Jesus Christ. HARC is an organisation for people.

Hope Again enables people to understand that they should be who God intended them to be not who the world wants them to be. We believe each person has a unique gift to offer, now is the time to find out what they can offer the world and give them the confidence to go get it. This is why we believe a long term program is absolutely necessary change does not happen overnight, when you transform your mind and meet Jesus you will never be the same.

Hope Again Wellness centre does not want to keep people stuck in a program they want to lead people to Jesus; change people’s hearts. We want clients to walk out not only having found Jesus but the character to sustain what they have learnt.

  • What makes HARC stand out as a leading Recovery Centre?

 Hope again recovery centre is not just a rehab. It’s an organisation for the people, where we create a culture of transformation. We believe each individual has significant greatness and talent and we want to bring that out in the clients and make them realize their worth and have an encounter with Jesus Christ.

We have recently added the Hope Again academy; where clients can further themselves through courses as well as complete their matric.

Hope again recovery centre has three different rehab centres which clients can choose from.

HARC has three centres under the Hope Again Wellness centre umbrella.

HARC Jerusalem – Potchefstroom

HARC Jericho – Fouriesburg

HARC Gethsemane- Bloemfontein

Located on big open spaces where clients can take in their surrounding and be away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, away from any distractions, where clients can focus on themselves instead of what use to influence them.

Who we are

We firmly believe in the pursuit of God’s presence. It is in that relationship, where hearts are healed, mind are renewed and lives are restored. For this reason God remains central to our treatment approach. We use His Word to teach and equip our clients to live not only productive lives, but lives that are filled with purpose and passion.

We believe that one of the highest motivational factors to living effectively is good, strong, meaningful relationships. For this reason we encourage involvement in the local church, cell groups, forming authentic relationships within this community.

We believe that counselling forms a vital part in teaching our clients how to navigate the tides of life. During these sessions we seek to open our clients eyes to see how their hurts lead their decision making, and we offer them the opportunity to replace these hurts with sound wholesome truths through a multi-disciplinary approach.